Electrical Engineer Resume: Los Angeles - Orange County.

CONSULTANT: Geek Whisperers - 2008 to Present. Consultant specialzing in fixing disfuntional engineering departments and helping newly created companies to set up engineering and production the right way.

DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING: PowerWise Group - 2007 to 2008; Chief Engineer and head of engineering department for manufacturer of energy conservation equipment. Hired by CEO to take over engineering department after previous management had missed several critical deadlines. Turned things around and shipped first product on time and within budget.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Pacific Power Source - 2005 to 2007; Electrical Engineer for AC power source manufacturer. Working as one of the two Electrical Engineers in this small company, I wore many hats. I automated production testing, designed high-power circuits, assisted technicians with board testing, resolved software issues, designed replacements for aging LAN servers, cleaned out a nasty virus infection, and even did a bit of web authoring.

DESIGN ENGINEER: Various Clients - 2001 to 2005; Working as a consultant, I did contract work for Various Clients, including a Heart monitor for the ABC television network game show "The Chair", a 60V/60V split phase balanced power system for a a recording studio, and a cryptographic atomic-decay random number generator.

PROJECT ENGINEER/MANAGER: Mattel - 1999 to 2001; I was the project manager / engineer for Diva Starz, Mattel's best selling new toy for the year 2000. I managed a sixteen person, two city design team that brought the product from the original concept at high-volume manufacturing in China.

PROJECT MANAGER: Disc Manufacturing PROJECT MANAGER: Disc Manufacturing Incorporated - 1997 to 1999; I was the project leader in charge of developing a rewritable DVD replication line, managing a team of six Electrical, Mechanical, Optical, and Software engineers.

ELECTRONIC PROJECT ENGINEER: SMC Pneumatics - 1995 to 1997; I was the senior Electronics Engineer for US operations, and designed electronic controls for pneumatics, servos, chillers as well as Internet-enabled remote diagnostic systems. I spent over a year training engineers in Japan, teaching them how to develop microcontroller-based embedded systems.

CONSULTANT: Various clients - 1993 to 1995; I designed a gas analyzer/smog tester for Sun / Snap-on tools that included a chemiluminescent nitric-oxide sensor and flame-ionization hydrocarbon sensor. I Supervised acceptance testing for the smog tester at the General Motors proving ground in Phoenix and at the State of California air-quality equipment test center in Sacramento.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: Parker Hannifin - 1986 to 1993; I designed automated electrohydraulic-actuator test systems digital load-curve generators, and other aerospace acceptance testing and qualification testing equipment.

EDUCATION: I am self taught; I started as an assembler and worked my way up to technician, then engineer. I have over twenty years of experience and a proven record of accomplishment in the areas of product development and engineering management.

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