How big is my screen?

This page uses JavaScript to detect the size (AKA resolution) of your screen and how much of that screen is available for a web page after subtracting the space used by toolbars, etc.

This page can only display what your browser's JavaScript implementation tells it, so if you don't like the answers, get a better browser.

This shows JavaScript names such as "screen.width." If you need help interpreting the names, do a web search on "JavaScript Language Reference."

Remember to refresh this page if you change your resolution or screen size.

Needless to say, the following measurements won't display if JavaScript is disabled...

Here are a couple of rulers to directly measure the displayed area.

Use your scroll bars to line up the ruler so that zero is exactly at the top left corner of your screen, then read the actual displayed area in pixels on the ruler.

Horizontal Pixel Ruler

Vertical Pixel Ruler

Feel free to copy this page and use it for any purpose, with or without modification, but please include a link to this page.